December is finally here, and all over the world, good boys and girls are writing their Christmas letters to Santa! If you think you are on Santa’s “Nice” list, here are some tips to writing a great letter that Santa will cherish forever:

1. Introduce Yourself

Santa delivers presents to children all over the world. Make sure that you tell him your name and age, so he knows the exact house to which to bring your presents.

2. Tell Santa why you have been good.

Just in case you are not sure if you are on the “Nice” list, you might want to list some of the good things you have done this year, i.e. kept your room clean, helped mom with dishes, did all of your homework. Let him know that you have followed the rules and behaved all year (or at least most of the year). By listing the good things that you have done, you are not only showing Santa how good you’ve been, but you’re also telling him that you understand what it means to be well-behaved.

3. Thank Santa for the presents he gave you last year.

Let Santa know that you really appreciate the presents that he gave you last year. Let him know that you have taken good care of those presents and that you don’t take his generosity for granted. It is a wonderful quality to be thankful for the things you have; let Santa know that you a grateful for his gifts and for him traveling all night to deliver presents to you and other children.

4. Tell Santa what you would like this year.

This is a very important section – you need to tell Santa what is on your Christmas list so he can talk to his elves to see if they can make it for you. Since the elves are hard at work, I would limit your requests to 3-5 things. Let Santa know what is important on your list without overwhelming him with present ideas. Remember, he has to deliver presents to children all over the world – you don’t want to weigh down his sleigh with only your gifts!

5. Wish Santa a Merry Christmas!

Remember that Santa also celebrates Christmas, even if he works the whole day and night. Make sure that you take time to wish him a Merry Christmas, since he took the time to bring you presents so you would have a merry Christmas.

Now that you know the secrets to writing a good Santa letter, stop by our Christmas Village where you can write and decorate your very own letter to Santa! We’ll even mail it to the North Pole for you!

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