Lately we have been focusing a lot on the family-fun aspect of Nights of Shimmering Lights. While family is a huge part of our event, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression – this event has something in it for everyone.

So today, I’m talking to you – young couples and older couples alike who do not have kids to bring to this event, or parents who want a night out. I’m going to tell you in just a few short steps how to turn Nights of Shimmering Lights into a magical date night for you and your sweetheart.

Step One: Set the mood.

A magical date night is all about the atmosphere. With the exception of the recent cold snap, we don’t get too many cold days here in Florida. I don’t know about you, but there is something magical about be bundled up in the cold around the holiday season. So, if the weather isn’t cooperating with your blizzard bliss, I have a simple solution. Leave the house early and grab two large milkshakes along the way. When you get to NOSL, turn the air down to cold and snuggle up. Between the cold air and the milkshake, you will create your own winter wonderland, thus setting the scene for your perfect date night.

Step Two: Love is the air.

Now that you are bundled up in the front seat, turn on your radio to Joy FM and let the traditional holiday crooners take you through thousands of interactive lights and displays. If you are brave, join in with the songs and serenade your sweetheart with tunes about the happiest time of the year. Just sit back and let the melodies carry you through the night.

Step Three: Things are heating up.

After you glide through our beautiful light displays, park the car and take a stroll through our Christmas Village. We have the BEST hot chocolate in town. Grab a cup and a chocolate donut and snuggle with your sweetheart in front of our huge movie screen; we will be playing the traditional holiday movies all night, i.e. Rudolph, Frosty, etc. Let our hot chocolate warm your skin and our Christmas Village warm your heart. For extra brownie points, bring a blanket to cuddle under for the movie.

Everything else is up to you. We have the perfect scene set for your magical date night. All that’s missing is you and your sweetheart!

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