How to Write a Letter to Santa

December is finally here, and all over the world, good boys and girls are writing their Christmas letters to Santa! If you think you are on Santa’s “Nice” list, here are some tips to writing a great letter that Santa will cherish forever:

1. Introduce Yourself

Santa delivers presents to children all over the world. Make sure that you tell him your name and age, so he knows the exact house to which to bring your presents.

2. Tell Santa why you have been good.

Just in case you are not sure if you are on the “Nice” list, you might want to list some of the good things you have done this year, i.e. kept your room clean, helped mom with dishes, did all of your homework. Let him know that you have followed the rules and behaved all year (or at least most of the year). By listing the good things that you have done, you are not only showing Santa how good you’ve been, but you’re also telling him that you understand what it means to be well-behaved.

3. Thank Santa for the presents he gave you last year.

Let Santa know that you really appreciate the presents that he gave you last year. Let him know that you have taken good care of those presents and that you don’t take his generosity for granted. It is a wonderful quality to be thankful for the things you have; let Santa know that you a grateful for his gifts and for him traveling all night to deliver presents to you and other children.

4. Tell Santa what you would like this year.

This is a very important section – you need to tell Santa what is on your Christmas list so he can talk to his elves to see if they can make it for you. Since the elves are hard at work, I would limit your requests to 3-5 things. Let Santa know what is important on your list without overwhelming him with present ideas. Remember, he has to deliver presents to children all over the world – you don’t want to weigh down his sleigh with only your gifts!

5. Wish Santa a Merry Christmas!

Remember that Santa also celebrates Christmas, even if he works the whole day and night. Make sure that you take time to wish him a Merry Christmas, since he took the time to bring you presents so you would have a merry Christmas.

Now that you know the secrets to writing a good Santa letter, stop by our Christmas Village where you can write and decorate your very own letter to Santa! We’ll even mail it to the North Pole for you!

How to Start Your Running Team

Our Jingle Bell 5K is a week away, and we have heard some great buzz from local running groups about the event. Trust us when we say that this is not your normal 5K. At our Jingle Bell 5K, you will actually be running THROUGH the light displays and around our Christmas Village! It’s going to be a pretty fantastic run, and we can’t wait to see the festive costumes you all will wear to the race.

Since everyone is so excited about the race, we decided to throw our own little contest into the mix. THE TEAM WITH THE MOST PARTICIPANTS WILL WIN A SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRIZE!

But here’s the kicker – we have had a lot of people say that they don’t know how to start a racing team; they signed up as individuals and are not sure how to form a running group. We heard your questions, and we have created a few tips that might help you WIN OUR HOLIDAY PRIZE.

TIP #1 – Friends and Family

Friends and family are the most reliable (usually) people in our lives. Use them as your first resource! Remember, this competition is not about the team that finishes first, it’s about the team with the most participants. Call your friends and family, make fun and festive running shirts together, and help us support a local non-profit, (and help yourself win our prize)!

P.S. For all of your non-runner family members, just tell them to think of this as a chance to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories!

Tip #2 – Social Media

The purpose of social media is to have an instant reach to hundreds (or thousands, if you’re super popular) of contacts. If you’re looking for people to run with you, post it up on social media! Ask your friends to tag any of their running friends so you can expand your reach. Post it in your community groups, moms groups, and church groups. You would be surprised at the amount of “closet runners” you didn’t know that you know!

Tip #3 – Gyms

If you’re interested in running, chances are you belong to a gym. USE THAT CONNECTION! Ask the gym manager to post something on the bulletin board, send an email blast, and launch a social media campaign. This is not only great advertising for the gym, but it’s also a great way to meet a potential workout buddy (which really helps with motivation).

Remember, on the end of the day, we are donating a huge portion of the proceeds to Brandon Sports and Aquatic Center – a nonprofit that has served our community for over four decades.

So, post this up on social media, lace up your running shoes, and get ready for the most festive run you’ve ever seen! Sign up here!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Lately we have been focusing a lot on the family-fun aspect of Nights of Shimmering Lights. While family is a huge part of our event, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression – this event has something in it for everyone.

So today, I’m talking to you – young couples and older couples alike who do not have kids to bring to this event, or parents who want a night out. I’m going to tell you in just a few short steps how to turn Nights of Shimmering Lights into a magical date night for you and your sweetheart.

Step One: Set the mood.

A magical date night is all about the atmosphere. With the exception of the recent cold snap, we don’t get too many cold days here in Florida. I don’t know about you, but there is something magical about be bundled up in the cold around the holiday season. So, if the weather isn’t cooperating with your blizzard bliss, I have a simple solution. Leave the house early and grab two large milkshakes along the way. When you get to NOSL, turn the air down to cold and snuggle up. Between the cold air and the milkshake, you will create your own winter wonderland, thus setting the scene for your perfect date night.

Step Two: Love is the air.

Now that you are bundled up in the front seat, turn on your radio to Joy FM and let the traditional holiday crooners take you through thousands of interactive lights and displays. If you are brave, join in with the songs and serenade your sweetheart with tunes about the happiest time of the year. Just sit back and let the melodies carry you through the night.

Step Three: Things are heating up.

After you glide through our beautiful light displays, park the car and take a stroll through our Christmas Village. We have the BEST hot chocolate in town. Grab a cup and a chocolate donut and snuggle with your sweetheart in front of our huge movie screen; we will be playing the traditional holiday movies all night, i.e. Rudolph, Frosty, etc. Let our hot chocolate warm your skin and our Christmas Village warm your heart. For extra brownie points, bring a blanket to cuddle under for the movie.

Everything else is up to you. We have the perfect scene set for your magical date night. All that’s missing is you and your sweetheart!

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